5 Benefits of Semi-Private Training

by Joanna Whitney (PTS, Certified Health + Lifestyle Coach)

There is no shortage to the number of ways that we can work-out or the locations at which to do so. Every time you blink, there's a new big box gym, personal trainer or boutique studio popping up somewhere. And this is great news, because there is something for everyone!


  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to get into the gym but are paralyzed by the idea of ACTUALLY stepping foot in the door because you wouldn't know what to do?
  • Do you find yourself getting injured all the time when you work-out?
  • Are you frustrated by the amount of time you're putting in, but the lack of results you're getting?
  • Do you simply lack the motivation to do it on your own?
  • Are you looking for personalized guidance and programming without a hefty price-tag?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above questions, the semi-private model might be worth looking into.

Here are 5 reasons why the semi-private training model is one of the most effective and enjoyable I've seen:

1. Personalized programming tailored to YOUR needs by a certified and knowledgable professional.

Let's face it. Not many of us really know how to create training programs well. If we're being honest, we do a google search for the trendiest program of the day or borrow the guidelines followed by [insert name of ripped celebrity here]. Often times, our approach is haphazard resulting in less than predictable or sustainable results.

The reality is, your movement patterns, mobility issues, body composition and training goals are unique to you. Sure, there are likely some similarities and general patterns that can be applied to most individuals. But, to get great results, you need programming that is specific to you.

At RD Athletics, not only do you complete an initial private assessment, but on-going personalized programming is included as a part of the investment in semi-private training. This ensures programming is progressive and works to build over time. No more willy-nilly training! This takes the guess-work out of it for you. All you have to do is show up and follow your program!

2. Expert guidance, support and instruction ALL THE TIME!

It's one thing to have a program written for you, it's a totally different thing to actually be able to execute on it...correctly. With the semi-private model, there is always certified and qualified staff on the training floor for all training blocks. This allows for individual instruction, correction, modification and progression. 

For optimal results, movements need to be done well. Having immediate feedback and correction in the moment is paramount to improvement AND injury prevention. Plus, if you forget a movement, want some guidance around progression, or need a spot...you're never alone.

3. Community and Encouragement. 

This one probably doesn't need much explaining. After living in a remote northern community in Ontario and working out in my basement by myself for 2 years straight, I can personally testify to the benefits of training in a group. The friendly and encouraging atmosphere makes all the difference in the world! 

The great thing about RD Athletics is that we have athletes and movers of ALL ages and ALL levels. Everyone is at a different point in their health and life journey. There are youth in their teens working-out beside life-experienced individuals in their 70s. And it's AMAZING! 

Everyone is working on their own individual program, but the group atmosphere provides a sense of support and camaraderie that is often lacking in other establishments. 

4. Accountability

Sometimes we need more than just support. We also need accountability. Knowing that people are expecting you to show up on a certain day and time does something for your motivation. Additionally, having trainers who know your goals and desired outcomes and are willing to hold you accountable to them, is so important for success.

Accountability also means you have a community looking out for you: encouraging you to take rest when you need it and to push a little harder when you need that too.

5. More bang for your buck!

Getting one-one-one personal training is incredible for the personalized and individualized approach, but it can also be cost prohibitive. The semi-private model offers many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. So, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, it's really a win-win with the semi private model.

So, are you ready to dive in? What are your thoughts on semi-private training?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us here.

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