Body Fat Assessment


One of the main factors of our physiology that changes as we begin exercise programs is our body composition. Body composition is generally used in terms of referring to our bodies fat %. This is another measure that can be used during fitness training to better track changes in fitness that will not necessarily show up on the scale. Often, as we initially train and potentially see an increase in total weight, but at the same time finding our clothes fitting looser … Whats the deal?

This is a change in body composition. Fat is far less dense tissue than muscle, so that means that the same amount in weight of fat takes up far more volume or space. So as we train, we tend to increase our lean muscle mass, while reducing our body fat.

Here at RD Athletics, we calculate body composition from bioelectrical impedance analysis and skinfold measurements. We are the only location in Brockville offering this service which is a result of being the only facility with a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Canada’s highest level of certification in the health and fitness industry requiring long-term formalized University education.



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