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Our Facilities


The Gym

RD Athletics is located at 18A King Street West, Brockville, ON directly above the family physiotherapy clinic on the second floor in the heart of the downtown region. With 10 and 20 foot ceilings, and a floor plan 25 by 120 feet we have one of the largest gym spaces in the area and the only facility to offer semi-private training services. There are two full bathrooms for client use as well. We are Brockville’s only semi-private training facility offering individualized programming and coaching from educated and qualified healthcare practitioners meaning that members training programs and progressions are assessed and properly adjusted by an educated and qualified coach. To maintain this standard, all RD Athletics employee’s will have at minimum the Certified Strength & Conditioning designation through the NSCA, or will hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. The culture of the facility in general is to empower our clients to take control of their own health, and give them strategies to manage their individual fitness & rehabilitation goals with our assistance for continued improvement and progression. We have the no-how, our perfect clients are the individual’s with the motivation and discipline to take these lessons and apply them each and every day to their own lives and reap the benefits of greater health & fitness.


Treatment Room

The treatment room is at the very front of the space with both a fully automated/adjustable mechanical massage therapy table and massage chair for seated work (pregnancy bolster also available). It looks out onto City Hall and down into Blockhouse Island and the St. Lawrence River. The treatment room equipment ranges from instrument assisted soft tissue stainless steel tools, dynamic tape, radial shockwave therapy and body tempering tools to offer a wide range of tools and approaches to work toward each individual’s rehabilitation or treatment goals. In addition, when appropriate clients are given individual specific exercises and drills to be done as a home exercise program to deal with the cause of the symptoms rather than simply treating them in isolation for temporary relief.



RD Athletics is about utilizing the stuff that works, no gimmicks, just consistent hard work over time to get the long-term sustainable results that clients are truly after. The majority of the equipment in the facility is barbells, weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight sleds, bands, and some various conditioning machines. By having almost exclusively free weight equipment, we place a premium on educating our clients and developing their exercise technique with a variety of implements meaning they learn how to proficiently exercise whether they are here for a training session or on vacation in another country. We strive to create client independence in the control of their health and fitness versus the majority of healthcare creating client dependence. This is because, much like anything in life, the stronger understanding we have of the why, what, how, when ... the better we will progress in our training and personal health goals.

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