NuCalm is a proprietary technology using 4 different components to treat the bodies’ autonomic nervous system, the end point that deals with all of our cumulative stressors. Many people have heard the term fight or flight vs. rest and digest. These terms are used to describe the two branches of our nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

In our current society, we are bombarded with a variety of stressors, from psychological, to work related, to physical even things like artificial sources of light. The cumulative effect of these various stressors is a shift to a more sympathetically dominant nervous system. During short-term stress, this is good as it prepares our body to be more able to function mentally and physically.

But, as many of us know, with the chronic nature of the stresses we deal with we get stuck in this fight or flight state, and it runs our bodies’ down and leads to a whole host of health issues from poor sleep, depression and even disease progression.

The NuCalm system uses neuroacoustic software, low level cranial electrical stimulation, topical cream to counteract blood cortisol (our primary stress hormone) and a light canceling eye mask to pull the brain into alpha brain waves. This means it pulls our body into a very parasympathetic (restful) state allowing us to get proper recovery from these chronic stressors, and often improving general feelings of restfulness and improving sleep quality.

The NuCalm system is revolutionary in its ability to treat the end point that manages all of our stressors regardless of where they are coming from, the nervous system. Because of this it’s effects can only truly be understood by experiencing it directly. When clients come in for NuCalm services, they relax on either an anti-gravity chair or an extra large comfortable cot with pillows and a 25 pound weighted blanket to further assist in the relaxation process. Appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes, but for first appointments it is always suggested to do 60 minutes as the brain will naturally pull out of the deep state of relaxation once it has reset.

If your interested in trying NuCalm out yourself, feel free to use the online booking services, or if you would like more information check out the system’s website here 30 minute appointments are $40.00 and 60 minutes are $65.00 including taxes. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!

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