Still having residual ankle pain or lack of mobility from a previous sprain? Do you constantly deal with low back pain? Shoulder and neck discomfort at work/driving? Just not feeling like your moving the way you should?

Through a combination of massage therapy, manual therapy, corrective exercises/stretches, movement and breathing drills we can assist you in recovering from both chronic and acute injuries. Many times following physiotherapy for acute injuries individuals have made considerable gains, but may not be back to their desired level of function and that is where we come in to bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation which can often be limited by insurance terms of coverage and a full return to day to day activities, be it playing sports or getting off the couch without discomfort. We will complete a thorough assessment to determine each individual’s specific needs and design an individualized program to accomplish those goals in consideration of the clients abilities and personal desires. We don’t expect everyone to want to be an athlete, but we do expect everyone to want to be able to go through their daily lives without feeling unnecessary pain, and that is where we can help. Call us today to see how our rehabilitation services can help you recover from an injury or optimize your physical performance and health.

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