Coaches & Trainers


All of our trainers are certified and have been trained in anatomy, physiology, nutrition and fitness principles . They are passionate about continuing education and constantly updating their knowledge and skills to serve you better. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to create a program and plan suited to you.


Ryan Darling

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Exercise Physiologist and have my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Kinesiology. My main areas of interest are strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, manual therapy and all aspects of human physiology and adaptation. I have approximately 10 years experience in the above mentioned fields, with the majority of it falling under the domain of one on one and semi-private personal training and rehabilitation clinics. I have worked with a large variety of populations including varsity athletes, kids, elderly, injury rehabilitation patients, obesity, diabetes and a variety of neurological conditions.

I pride myself on being open to new information sources, and look up to a number of individuals in the field who I would consider on the forefront of improving the practices of training, rehab and manual therapy. As many of them say, every coach needs a coach!

My approach to both rehabilitation and training is guided by the SAID principal which is specific adaptation to imposed demands. This simple statement outlines how our bodies and individual tissues adapt and change based on the demands placed on them by our day to day activities. Almost always when pain is of chronic nature, it is the result of some aspect of our bodies’ not being strong enough, or not having the capacity to do what we are asking it to do. With that being said, every client I see I encourage to get more active as it is always the long-term solution to our health and fitness issues. Simply treating the symptoms for a client is what most facilities will do, my goal is to treat the symptoms but also come up with self-care solutions so the individual can fix the CAUSE of the symptoms rather then simply deal with them temporarily.

To accomplish this, I utilize a combination of my skill sets and backgrounds in a way specific to each individual client. Every human being is different, and that means the best approach for two exactly similar injuries in two different people could be completely different. My goal is to work WITH my clients rather than ON them in developing a plan they can take ownership of and feel themselves build confidence as they learn to understand what their pain means, and how to actually FIX it once and for all with properly selected exercises and activities.

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Joanna Whitney


Joanna is a Certified Transformational Health + Lifestyle Coach, a Personal Trainer (PTS), Mobility Specialist (FRCms) and 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher. Holding a B. Ed and with a background in Education and Policing, she brings a diverse skill set to the gym environment. Her passion for teaching allows her to take the complexity out of anatomy and movement and translate it to her clients in a simple and understandable manner.

Whether it’s programming for her on-on-one training clients or sequencing yoga flows for her classes, she aims to enhance her students’ mobility, strength and flexibility. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she can always be smiling in the gym (…maybe not mid-squat) as she believes the environment can make a huge difference to the members’ success.